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Alix Povey

Commercial and Family Mediator and Divorce Consultant.


Alix an accredited Mediator with experience in commercial and family mediations and commercial family mediations. Alix is sensitive to the issues involved in family matters. She works with families to facilitate an outcome that is workable for all. 


Alix works with parties to find solutions to their disputes whilst helping them to maintain a continuing relationship to ensure they can move forward with peace of mind.  

She has acted as an independent mediator in a number of cases, including a commercial dispute which was particularly complex to navigate due to the parties being so far apart in the beginning. Other disputes have involved internal partnership disagreements, a shipping dispute, a landlord dispute as well as the relocation of a child in a family matter.

She is also a divorce consultant and work with individuals to navigate the practicalities of divorce and work with them to get the legal advice that is needed. She is sensitive to matters that involve children and can assist parties in navigating and resolving these issues. 


Alix is a facilitative mediator and is pragmatic in her approach. She has good commercial sense and many years of experience which she uses to logically tackle the problem to find a sensible solution that works for all parties involved.

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